What We Help You Do

Gezoont’s focus is to help those with special needs find and schedule therapies and activities. Gezoont has an online directory of providers who welcome those with special needs, disabilities, injuries, long-term needs, temporary needs, aging concerns, neuro-differences, and, well, anyone. We also have ratings and reviews to help you narrow your search.

Who We Serve

Gezoont is for anyone whether you have a special need or not. We are here to make health and wellness – including play and education – easier to find, discover, and schedule.

Where would you look for an occupational therapist? Who would you ask for a recommendation for an acupuncturist? Search the internet, ask your doctor, ask a friend?

Check Gezoont’s directory. We help make your search easier for providers for those of all abilities. Check out our Blog, too.


How It Started

I needed to find a pediatric neurologist.  After hours and days of emailing with other parents, web searches, mapping and numerous phone calls to doctors’ offices, I finally scheduled an appointment – for 5 months out.

Some doctors did not take our insurance, others would no longer see patients under 6 years old, and still, others would only see patients with seizures.

If any of this sounds familiar, you know how difficult it can be to find, let alone schedule, an appointment with a provider. Gezoont is here to help.

Amy, Gezoont Founder

Grow with Us

If you are a provider of a therapy, service, product or activity that is inclusive, list with us on Gezoont! Benefits include helping you improve your visibility so new customers and patients can find you, build your reputation with reviews and ratings, connect with other providers, and increase your bookings.

We are building Gezoont with each person and provider that joins. Increase your visibility, and even learn more about and network with other providers.

Frequently asked questions

Inclusion means welcoming people of all abilities. At Gezoont, inclusion also means that the providers are committed to making their services available – to those with or without a special need, neuro-difference, or other ability difference.

Yes! The Gezoont directory is inclusionary which means the providers have a commitment and often a specialty in helping those who have special needs or disabilities. What a welcoming perspective for all of us.

A wide variety. As our directory grows, we want you to find just what you need - whether it’s traditional medicine, complementary therapies, holistic treatments, mind/body therapies, mental health providers, nutrition, education, enrichment, social skills, behavior therapy, music, art, sports, adaptive products, or anything in between.

Gezoont is growing! Check back regularly. As we build Gezoont, we add providers to the directory and ratings and reviews increase. Sign up or list with us as a provider. Let’s grow together.

Yes. You can find services for yourself, your children, your loved ones. Let the providers, friends, acquaintances, and clients you know, know about Gezoont. You can also find and learn about different services and activities that are available.

Special needs mean different things to different people. At Gezoont, the focus is on being inclusive and inclusionary. In the U.S., the numbers tell the story. Approximately 15% of children have special needs, 1 in 5 adults has a mental illness – that’s 45 million, 40% of seniors have a disability (over 12% of the population), and 40 million Americans have a disability. These conditions can be limiting, even debilitating and isolating - medically, socially and financially.

We believe finding services and therapies for all can be so much easier.

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