Our Goal

Gezoont was created to help you find and schedule inclusive therapies, services and activities. Easily.



Inclusive means everyone is welcome, including those with differences.  At Gezoont, inclusive also means that the providers are committed to making their services available to anyone – whether or not they have a special need.   


Which Types of Services Can I Find and Schedule?

Complementary therapies and traditional medicine plus other services and activities.

As we build Gezoont, we are adding to the directory of providers of therapies, services and activities -- including occupational therapy, physical therapy, education, vision therapy, speech therapy, nutrition, psychology, dental care, behavior therapy, lactation consultants, acupuncture, music, art, sports and many more.


More than Special Needs?  Yes!

Our directory helps you find and schedule services for temporary or long-term needs, across a broad range of conditions.


Easy to Find & Schedule Services

We are here to make health and wellness services and activities – including play and education – easier to find, discover and schedule.


For Anyone and Any Age

You can find services for yourself, your children, your loved ones.  You can refer your clients, friends and patients to Gezoont. You can also find and learn more about different services and activities that are available. And you can read and provide ratings and reviews. 


Providers: Have a Service?

If you are a provider of a therapy, service or activity that is inclusive, list with us!  Benefits include improving your visibility so new clients and patients can find you, building your reputation with reviews and ratings, connecting with other providers and increasing your bookings.


Build with Us

We are building Gezoont with each person and provider that joins. Come build with us by looking for services, signing up as a provider, writing reviews, and reading our blog.  

How It Started

I needed to find a pediatric neurologist.  After hours and days of emailing with other parents, web searches, mapping and numerous phone calls to doctors’ offices, I finally scheduled an appointment – for 5 months out. 

Some doctors did not take our insurance, others would no longer see patients under 6 years old, and still others would only see patients with seizures.

If any of this sounds familiar, you know how difficult it can be to find, let alone schedule, an appointment with a provider. Gezoont is here to help.  


                                                                                     Amy, Gezoont Founder

Gezoont means health

and is a way to make better health and lifestyle easier for you, your children and each other

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